Privacy Policy

We people values your privacy and takes its protection seriously. These terms and conditions apply to all personal information collected by Electronic Arts Inc. (“EA”).

Your information is protected by a variety of security mechanisms. It is our responsibility to secure your privacy. We use a variety of technological and functional techniques, including encryption, to do so.

In addition to operating the Services, improving your gaming experience, and providing support, we use your information to reach and monitor the efficiency of marketing campaigns, and to personalize our connectivity to and with you, among other things.

Despite this, please be advised that no security mechanism is ideal. Your info is not always secure, as a result. When it comes to protecting your confidential info, you should always be on alert.

Enabling certain internet features ensures that kids are secure while playing our games. Privacy settings and options over the use of their kid’s data are also available to parents/guardians.

When it comes to our use as well as release of your data, we offer a choice and authority over that info. You will also be able to practice your data protection rights, if you’re eligible.

Third-party advertisements and links may appear on our websites and Services. Those third-party domains are not under our control.

A notification of any changes to this policy will be provided when it is changed.