Games Like Command and Conquer

Games Like Command and Conquer series of sci-fi and military-themed real-time strategy (RTS) games were a refreshing shift in a world dominated by historical strategy games and world developers. Players could enter a technologically advanced party, compete for money, and vanquish enemies in brutal real-time fights in almost all Games Like Command and Conquer.  

Several PC games, such as Command and Conquer, have been published. Most of the games listed on this platform have gameplay, story, and tactical elements in common with the original RTS title. Exciting legitimate strategy Games Like Command and Conquer are mentioned below:  

Games Like Red Alert  

Travel to a parallel world where time has been forever warped by dark experiments. Is that correct? While Allied cruisers shell bases, Soviet tanks crush city after city. Spies are on the loose, landmines are lying in wait, and mysterious new developments assist both sides in the battle for supreme dominance. The mighty Soviet Empire has started to “liberate” all of Europe in this alternate universe. Cities and countries crumble in the face of the Red Storm’s sheer strength. The Allies are frantically preparing to face the onslaught, but they were caught off guard. The universe’s destiny is in your possession while you play Red Alert!  

Games Like Command and Conquer Generals  

The game Command & Conquer: Generals sets you on the cutting edge of military intervention. Choose your dominant General to command vast forces of cutting-edge military hardware around a world on the verge of nuclear annihilation.  

Command one of three distinct wings, each with its high-tech weapons ready to unleash unrivaled weaponry on land or throughout the skies. In the 27-mission single-player game, annihilate the opposition, or wreak havoc in global gameplay mayhem. Get your troops ready, Commander…time it’s to play Command & Conquer Generals, the next generation of real-time strategy.  

Games Like Red Alert 2  

The Red Army is back, and they are on Foreign Soil this time. Fight for the red, white, and blue – or even just the red. But beware: the ancient madman Yuri is preparing his army for a shot at world dominance with his elusive mind-control technology. Fight on behalf of liberty or behind the Russian Empire. Your arsenal includes Sphere Guns, Tesla Troopers, Terror Robots, Desolators, Mystic Mind Control Gigantic Crab, and Acoustic Dolphins, to name a few. Play as one of the nine countries in eight multiplayer modes or one of the two sides in the whole solo game.  

Command and Conquer Type Game  

Supreme Commander 2  

Robot wars are taken to a whole new stage in the sequel to the fantastic futuristic RTS title. There are plenty of ruthless machines to build and command. The list is long, with Cybranasaurus Rex, King Kriptor, Darkenoid, and so on. Mechanical marvels that are awe-inspiring in both nature and execution do significant harm to enemy units and structures.  

Supreme Commander 2 (SC 2) is a simple game to play with a simplified update protocol. In addition, rather than mindless tapping, there is a heavy focus on technique. The single-player game missions, on the other hand, are tedious because they aren’t open-ended. Playing multiplayer online wars, where you can prepare the assault, is where the real fun is. SC 2 is a fantastic multiplayer game that features huge ground, air, and sea wars. It gets a bonus point for putting a strong focus on tactics.  

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends  

Real-time wars in Rising of Legends take place in a steampunk world. A brand-new list of civilizations is available in this spinoff of the famous historical RTS game. Each technologically advanced society is influenced by myths and cultures from the past. All are wonderfully crafted, from the unit artwork to the surrounding setting.  

Campaign missions are enjoyable to complete and have lots of surprises for fantasy fans. Although the gameplay and theme aren’t quite as good as the C&C series, Rise of Legends’ sci-fi setting could appeal to gamers who are tired of historical strategy games.  

Dune II  

Dune II’s spiritual successor, who laid down the foundation for many successful real-time strategy games, is also called Command and Conquer. In 1992, the game was released.  

Although several real-time games, such as Herzog Zwei and Stonkers, were published before Dune II, the latter is noted for core gameplay mechanics that have since been adapted into several RTS games. The tech tree, mobile units as houses, the various factions, and their particular weapon forms and skills are among them.  

Command and Conquer style games  

World in Conflict  

World in Conflict is a fantastic RTS game that depicts a different interpretation of the US vs. the Soviet Union Conflict. On the other hand, the RTS dynamics are not the same as those of Command & Conquer. Instead of base construction and resource gathering, the game emphasizes unit control and deployment. In terms of gameplay, this is a real-time strategy game that is a better version of Ground Control.  

Special reinforcements by airstrikes, parachutists, and carpet attacks is a gaming element that is somewhat similar to C&C Generals. Calling in replacements will earn you points, and each reinforcement call will be followed by a 10-second breather.  

The campaign mode is fantastic, but multiplayer mode offers you more options, especially in unit placement. One can more easily manage attack and defense with teammates online using a robust VOIP system. World in Conflict is a real-time tactics game that you can play if you like real-time strategy games.  

Act of War: Direct Action  

Act of War: Direct Action is a novel on geopolitics. The game delivers nail-biting moments in a series of challenging campaign missions, with a storyline straight out of a Tom Clancy book and excellent cinematic cut-scenes. The beautiful live-action videos will bring back memories of Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2.  

The first theatrical trailer for Direct Action explains what strategy players should expect: hostage cases, global warfare, and influential institutions planning to topple regimes. The campaign for 14 missions is filled with plot changes, and while many of the mission’s sound implausible, it does have an excellent Hollywood-style backdrop.  


Both the Tiberian and Red Alert series featured futuristic storylines that were both innovative and entertaining. In the distant future, Tiberian took place with significant battles technologically advanced warring factions. Red Alert took place in a parallel universe; Tiberian took place in the distant future, with large-scale battles between technologically advanced warring factions.  

The story of the World shift is similarly fantastic; events take place on Earth after an asteroid strike. The biosphere of the Earth undergoes a complete transition. The new Earth is populated with giant plants and animals right out of the Doctor Who or Star Trek series, as well as assault teams, massive fungi, and a variety of unusual living creatures. Then there are three rival forces vying for supremacy and life.  

Games Like Command and Conquer Generals  

Generals play quite differently than their sibling series Tiberium and Red Alert. For example, commodities are no longer derived from minerals dispersed on the Earth but instead harvested at “supply ports” and “supply inventories,” Such resources are limited in quantity, in contrast to Ore or Tiberium. Units now have unique abilities apart from their primary roles, for example, the development of hovering autonomous drones by American vehicles to assist them, the capability of Chinese Hackers to shut down or supply a steady stream of funds, and the basic troops in all three factions to seize construction, replacing the previous technique of using engineers.  

Maybe the distinctive disparity between systems of “maker” devices and prefabricated constructs that are used until finalized is the most distinctive one, contrary to Tiberium and Red alert. Notwithstanding these differences, Generals preserve certain traditions from previous games, such as the ability to maintain their bases, super arms to ravage opposing armies, commando troops, and a Mammoth tank.  

Games Like generals zero Hour  

Command and Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour is an extension pack for the video game Command & Conquer: Generals, completed in 2003. A new game called the General’s Challenge, along with several more updates, new additions, and bug/glitch fixes has been introduced to each side by Zero Hour.  

Games Like Command and Conquer for Android  

Command & Conquer for Android is created daily by comparing almost 40 000 online games throughout all devices.  

Tactical real-time strategy games are included in this list of suggestions. This list’s order isn’t set in stone, but the better games seem to be at the top.  

Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition brings the beloved Command & Conquer franchise to the PlayStation & reg;3! In the first-ever complete RTS with co-op campaign, travel back in time and fight alongside your mates and Hollywood stars in an action-packed, over-the-top universe. About an hour of HD footage featuring the most enormous live-action cast ever seen in a video game is included. With bonus footage and exclusive material not available anywhere else, this game has been upgraded for the PS3 and trade.  

Army Men-2017  

Any conquering army requires a strong commander. And the ones made of plastic! In this tactical action game, you will take command as a field sergeant, leading your men into combat.  

Machines at War 3 RTS-2016  

In this real-time strategy game, command an elite army through 21 campaign missions, create over 130 different types of units and technology, engage in infinite random map skirmishes, and conquer in network multiplayer with mates! Characteristics: Over 130 different types of companies and technologies can be installed. In 21 missions, you must save the Omicron Initiative.   

Play as many map skirmishes as you like. In an online multiplayer battle, defeat four friends. Take control of the battlefield with seven incredible RTS super units. Deploy a complete infantry, aircraft, naval, and land force arsenal. After you’ve honed your skills in the game, move to a random map for some crazy real-time strategy wars!  

Rome: Total War-Barbarian Invasion-2017  

Bandit Conquest is a stand-alone or hole sequel to Creative Assembly’s popular iPad strategy game ROME: Total War. An overworked Roman Empire faces a day of war or battle with the militaristic factions that threaten its frontiers three centuries after the campaigns of ROME: Total War. Play as a Barbarian commander intent on bringing down the Empire, or fight a war as a Roman Soldier and struggle to spread the glorious civilization into a new age.  

War Commander: Rogue Assault-2016  

War Commander: Rogue Assault is an immersive tactical strategy game set in a massively multiplayer gaming environment that offers a breathtaking, entirely 3D battlefield experience, unlike anything you’ve ever seen on mobile. Swipe and annihilate! – Enjoy non-stop combat with the immediate unit formation and repairs – Adapt quickly with direct control of your units during the war – Take part in epic single-player battles and destroy opposing forces on the way to global conquest.  

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim-5200  

You will have to fight various enemies and goblins, explore new lands, navigate economic and technological advances, and complete multiple strange and unpredictable activities. In your lands, there are many heroes: brave warriors and warlike barbarians, strong wizards and dark necromancers, hardworking dwarves and skilled elves, and so on. “Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim” has role-playing features, such as the characters improving their abilities and talents when following orders, as well as earning money to spend on new vehicles, firearms, and magical elixirs.

Are there any games like command and conquer? 

Machines at War 3 is a real-time strategy game similar to Command and Conquer with a military theme. The top-down graphics are excellent. More than 100 ground, air, and sea units, including hoverboards, planes and helicopters, warships, cruise missiles, Warheads, and cannons, will be under your orders. 

What style of game is command and conquer? 

The real-time war tactics computer game series Command & Conquer was first published in 1995 by American gaming company Westwood Studios. The world of Command & Conquer is enormous, and the series has spanned many trenches, realities, ages, and galaxies since its creation. 

What games are like Command and Conquer for PS4? 

44 games the same as Command & Conquer for Ps4 were found daily using our unique game matching engine that compares over 40 000 video games throughout all platforms. 

Is there any game better than command and conquer? 

Machines at War 3 is a real-time strategy game similar to Command and Conquer with a military theme. The top-down graphics are excellent. More than 100 ground, air, and sea units, including hoverboards, planes and helicopters, warships, cruise missiles, Warheads, and cannons, will be under your orders. 

Is there a game like StarCraft for Android? 

Iron Marines would be the game to play if StarCraft ever made it to a mobile operating system. Iron Marines is one of the best paying RTS games on Android, mixing StarCraft’s aesthetics and alliances (or clones of them), Awesome Nauts’ aesthetics and artistic style, and Halo War’s combat.

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